About ASIF Group

Mission Statement

ASIF Group will promote strategic resilience as a national priority and certify projects or enterprises that support this objective.


ASIF Group will shape the Australian investment landscape in a way that properly recognises the national value of strategic capability industries, infrastructure and commerce projects. 

ASIF Group Outcomes


ASIF certification will address issues of security assurance, political risk, supply chain exposure, and other components of a strategically resilient national capability. Certified projects and enterprises will be in a favourable position to receive preferential treatment based on national strategic value.


Compromised security standards, vulnerable supply chains, and outsourced capability are increasingly recognised as a systemic threat to Australian strategic resilience. Counteracting these trends must equally become recognised as a priority, and investment incentives should reflect this national strategic value. 


ASIF Group will provide a mechanism for recognising the national value of investments that align with strategic resilience priorities and will promote favourable government policy in support of these projects.


ASIF Group draws from a broad base of military, police, government, and financial expertise able to investigate and advise on strategic industry and infrastructure enhancing resilience focused projects.


A period of consultation and project identification in 2020 is expected to form the foundation for an investment programme commencing in 2021.