ASIF Process

  1. Risks: The ASIF Group will identify potential threats or risks to Australia’s national sovereignty and strategic resilience from a Defence, manufacturing, economy, infrastructure, supply chain, warranty and flow on repair or replace service, as well as all the wider associated societal perspectives.
  2. Solutions: The ASIF Group will conduct research and provide possible solutions as well as identify and certify potential businesses that can provide services or products to mitigate the identified risk where there is an Australian Defence centric benefit wherever promoting national strategic resilience and domestic capacity can be achieved.
  3. Investment: The ASIF Group will provide the necessary business planning, mentoring opportunities, development of potential markets, a project execution plan and grant funding support or private investment capital to suitable enterprises.
  4. Target: The ASIF Group will target small, medium, and large Australian owned and operated businesses. If this resonates with the target organisation and they would like to understand more about the ASIF Group Certification process or potential opportunities and benefits this branding offers, they can enquire via the Contact Us page or, alternatively, click on Virtually ASIF to book a face to face meeting.